Stuart Disney is a qualified member of the PGA and has been since 1993 and was the youngest person to ever qualify as a PGA Professional in the UK. Stuart has competed on golf tours all around the world, including as a member of the PGA European Challenge Tour, as well as a multiple winner on the West Region PGA Tour. However, Stuart is most passionate about teaching others!

A dedicated teacher and mentor to many clients, Stuart has a genuine passion to help you towards a more enjoyable game. From teaching children from the age of 5 to adults in their 90’s, including people with both physical and learning disabilities there is no one Stuart can’t help to enjoy a game of Golf.

Stuart's approach is both professional and friendly. If you are a newcomer to the game and fancy giving golf a go, then Stuart will be on hand to guide you through the learning process. Often described as ‘breaking the mold’ Stuart’s main goal is to get everyone into Golf.

Stuart will work at your own pace and only moving onto another area when you feel ready, his patience is both refreshing and rewarding.

Based at the beautiful and relaxing setting of Fingle Glen Golf Club, on the outskirts of Exeter in the heart of glorious Devon, there are few more beautiful places to learn a new skill or improve your game.

When Mark Twain declared and that ‘Golf is a good walk ruined’ he obviously had not spent any time with Stuart to discover Golf is a good walk with laughter, company and mental stimulation!