Adult Tuition.


Stuart's unique approach to coaching the game will help to ensure that you get the full benefit of all his experience.

Unlike others, Stuart always starts off by showing the newcomer how to get the ball in the hole first. The object of the game is to get the golf ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible, so it makes perfect sense to start with putting.

As a student, you seeing the ball go into the hole breeds confidence.

Then you will progress onto the chipping action, followed by the pitching action and then onto the full swing. By working this way, you will gain a true understanding of the game of golf.

By working solely on the technique required to hit a golf ball, Stuart is able to demonstrate how to build the perfect game of golf. Gaining the trust in the motion and then repeating this motion to perfection, you will be amazed at the results that are produced.

Often people work by looking at the ball flight, then adjusting the swing to change the flight of the ball. However, this method is flawed, because you will not repeat the same two swings; therefore not produce every golfers dream scenario of a consistent swing and ball flight.


Using the latest in digital technology, you can see your swing develop as you progress.

All students receive a detailed report on the points to be developed. Lessons can be taken on the driving range or on the short game area.

30 minutes coaching £20.00
60 minutes coaching £35.00


To help you get the most out of your game, why not book a series of lessons to work on all areas of your game?

3 x 30 minute coaching sessions £52.00
3 x 60 minute coaching sessions £95.00
6 x 30 minute coaching sessions £95.00
6 x 60 minute coaching sessions £170.00


Stuart's believe is that golf is a game for all. By reaching into a different market and trying to spread the word that golf is a game that everybody regardless of age or ability can have a go at.

Gone are the days when golf was seen as a sport for the wealthy, golf can be played by all. By taking golf to the people, Stuart really does want everyone to have a go.

Stuart's desire is to reach into schools to provide young people with the opportunity to experience golf whilst within their school environment. With links to golf clubs established, the youngsters really do have everything in place to give golf a go.

How about a golfing holiday to remember for the rest of your life? Stuart hosts many overseas golf trips to some truly outstanding locations such as Egypt, Portugal and Spain, his attention to detail is second to none. Providing you with a truly wonderful holiday, great golf courses and the chance to improve along the way is one of Stuart's pleasures.