Custom Fit

Custom Fitting is the process by which golf equipment is tailored to an individual's unique needs. Custom Fitting can be used to achieve many different aims:

- adapting to a players physical dimensions (taller / shorter / large hands etc),

- reducing the impact of a consistent swing fault,

- to encourage the correct technique,

- to eliminate a specific shot,

- in order to deliver the clubface in a square position at impact more often than if the player was using equipment in the standard make up.

Using the amazing GC2 Ball Launch Monitor you will get to see your swing speed, ball spin parameters, launch angle, club path and how far you actually hit the golf ball. All this takes custom fitting to a new level.

At a more technical level Custom Fitting can build low handicap golfers and professionals a more efficient swing with shafts fitted to their swing speeds and tempo.

Higher handicap players can use adjustments in lie angles and shafts to overcome repetitive swing faults. Improvers and beginners need well fitted equipment to encourage the correct set up - the foundation for a solid game.

I am an approved Mizuno Performance Fitting Centre, Ping Fitting Centre and Srixon Fitting Centre and with over 24 years of club fitting experience, you are guaranteed to see an improvement in your performance through better fitted equipment.